Weekly Bulletin

Sunday 20th September 2020  


Harvest Thanksgiving


9.55 a.m.   Angelus (pink sheet)

after which we pray silently


10.00 a.m.   Parish Mass (blue sheet)

Seating is limited to a maximum of 30.


Please remember to stay 2 metres apart at all times, including while waiting to receive Communion.


Face Coverings are MANDATORY in Church Buildings except when Celebrating Mass Reading, Preaching or Intercessing.


When you are gathering outside after Mass please do so away from the steps so that those coming out from the Church do not have to cross over in front of you.   Remember the “Rule of Six” - you must not gather in groups of more than six and you should be Socially Distanced.  


Please take all the sheets home with you.   The pink and blue  sheets can be used each week, you may bring them back, but please do not share them with anyone else.   Please do not return the sheets to us.


Where possible please make your offering through the bank.   Standing order forms available.     Please put your name in the payment reference so we know the gift is from you. Where this is not an option, cash can be left in the Alms Dish when you sign in.  


We need your help to wipe down the pews after Mass.  


We are celebrating Harvest today.   Please leave your gifts by the Font.   Tins and packets will be sent to the Foodbank.  


We are making a collection for a Gift for Fr Simon to mark his Ordination to the Priesthood.   If you wish to contribute please place your donation in an envelope and hand it to Garth or Martin, by the end of September.


We would like to livestream Fr Simon’s Ordination for those who are unable to be in Church for the service.   If you can help with this or know someone who can please speak to Martin.


In preparation for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday 11th October the Church Electoral Roll is being Revised between 12th and 26th September.   If you are not on the Roll and wish to join please speak to Margaret Smith or the Churchwardens

At the APCM we need to elect two Churchwardens, two Deanery Synod reps and three PCC members.   Nomination forms on the table at the back.   We are waiting for advice from the Diocese on how the meeting can take place with the “Rule of Six” in place.


If you are inerested in joining the Readers Rota please speak to Martin or Garth.   Also speak to them if you sre interested in becoming a Sidesman.


The Foodbank continues to need your support.   Tins, packets, cleaning materials and items of personal hygiene can be left in the box at the back of the Church.


A prayer for all those affected by coronavirus


Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.   Sustain and support the anxious, be with those who care for the sick, and lift up all who are brought low. that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.   Amen.


We pray for:


All who live, work and play in Peach Croft, Pelham Road South, Pennine Way, Pepys Close, Perry Street.


Fr Simon as he prepares for his Ordination to the Priesthood


NHS and all keyworkers, volunteers, and those whose lives have been affected by the current situation. 


The Eightieth Anniversary of the Battle of Britain


The Sick or in need of Prayer:  Valerie, Charlie, Lawrence, Roger, Thomas, Adeline, Jan, Carol, Alex, Jean, George, Connor, Gary, Brenda, Joyce, Sophie and Sylvia.


Thanksgiving for the Departed: for John Hunt and all the Recently Departed and 23rd Doris Fletcher, Maurice Norman, 25th Robin Shergold and Malcolm Howsam whose anniversaries occur at this time.   May they Rest in Peace.


Dates for your Diary


Sunday 27th September

2.00 p.m.   Fr Simon’s Ordination to the Priesthood

Maximum 30 people may attend, by invitation


Monday 28th September

7.00 p.m.   Fr Simon’s First Mass

Maximum 30 people may attend


Sunday 11th October

After Mass   Annual Parochial Church Meeting


This week

The Twenty-fifth Week of Ordinary time



1.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. Church open for Private Prayer


8.00 p.m.   Servers Guild Patronal Service





COVID-19     Advice on the Conduct of Public Worship from the Church of England


17th September 2020              Version 2.4


The Recovery Group has been set up to support the Church of England as government guidance changes through the COVID-19 pandemic. This document has been prepared with information available by the issue date. It will be kept under review and updated as the situation develops, with each update issued as a new version. The current version will always be available to download from the Church of England website via the Coronavirus FAQs page.


“I was glad when they said unto me,

“let us go to the house of the Lord.”” (Psalm 122 v1)



Salient points


There is an exemption from the ‘Rule of Six’ that covers Places of Worship making it possible for more than six people to gather for acts of communal worship. However, it is not a blanket exemption and people must not mingle in groups of more than six unless they are from the same household or support bubble.


There is no numerical limit on other services, subject to physical distancing and Public Health requirements must being met.


The two-metre ‘rule’ applies for Public Worship except in situations where closer contact cannot be avoided; extra Public Health precautions must then be taken.


Consideration should be given to keeping numbers below the maximum possible to further minimise risk.


People attending a gathering in Church must not be part of a group of more than six unless they are from the same household or support bubble.


Wearing of face coverings by all those attending a Place of Worship, including Ministers and worshippers, where there may be other people present is mandatory. There are exemptions to this, including for those leading a service, detailed in our guidance on face coverings.


While those at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should be advised of the risks of attending Public Worship, a decision to do so is theirs alone.


Government guidance includes a request for names of attendees to be recorded and kept for 21 days to assist ‘track and trace’ if required (further details from the government are expected to help Parishes who wish to do this).


Singing and music is only permitted for small groups of professional and non-professional performers in a physically distanced and safe way. Congregations are not permitted to sing.


Detailed instructions on ‘consumables’ suggest that services of Holy Communion can be held if specific guidance is followed, including the continued suspension of the Common Cup (see the guidance document on Holy Communion).


Public worship guidance includes surrounding grounds (including churchyards, car parks and courtyards); meetings in other places should follow other guidance for people meeting in public spaces.


Refreshments can only be served at tables if a café is included in the Church building.


Further Government advice about use of Churches and Church halls for non-religious activity is expected.



Full the full report visit Church of England.org